Somehow, Somewhere They Had Read This Before, part B: Years Of Denial

A split interview in two parts, with and about Maenad Veyl and Years Of Denial

Maenad Veyl (A.K.A Avatism) and Years Of Denial have released a split EP on Death and Leisure, so Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström made a split interview with the two acts. In the second part, Jerome from Years Of Denial sets the record straight on how he really met Maenad Veyl.

B1. »It’s too big for me«
Jerome Tcherneyan from Years Of Denial is on holiday in France when I call him. Usually, he lives in London where he makes dark dance music with Barkosina Hanusova. Their live sets as Years Of Denial can range from club nights to more ambient sets, two aspects of their artistry that they would like to explore further.
        Since I just left London a couple of days before our phone call, I decide to tell Jerome. He asks me whether I went out in his hometown and I let him know that I went to Fabric one night, where I very unfortunately was robbed of my credit card and ultimately all my monetary possessions. I leave this part out since it is of no importance to Jerome, and instead ask him what he thinks of the London landmark of clubbing.
        - It’s too big for me, he laughs. I’ve been in London for 17 years so obviously I’ve seen some good things there but now I like to go to smaller places. I go every month to the Elektrowerkz, the have a capacity for 350-400 people. I used to play there quite a lot. Every month they have a really good line up, for the stuff I like.
        A place like Fabric is easier for a London visitor to find, because of its reputation and its marketing power. To be honest, I think I would have been happier in a smaller club like the one Jerome mentions. Everything that’s hard to find is worth looking for.
        Jerome wants to know where I’m based, and when I tell him »Stockholm«, he says he has never had the chance to visit. That is a bit surprising to me, with the kind of music that Years Of Denial make being relatively popular in my hometown. Maybe you can’t find it in the big venues, but the people who are into the alternative music scene really are devoted. By »alternative music« I don’t mean alternative rock or indie, rather music that is not accepted with a general consensus. I am sure that the Stockholm underground would happily indulge in Years Of Denial and their solemn beats. Right now, Years Of Denial are planning shows on warmer co-ordinates than Sweden.
        - We’ve got for gigs in France, like a little tour in the end of February, and we’ve got some other stuff in Berlin in July. But, you know, we’re looking for gigs basically. We can do club nights or more noisy, ambient stuff, it depends on the venue. We’re really pushing this now, because this is what we mainly do, to play live.
        The live bit of Years Of Denial is either like a nightmarish meditation track (where the vibrations agitates you more than they calm you down) or a slow pace rave jam, easy to wave an angry fist to. Stockholm needs more intense and intrusive electronic music like that, so during our talk I happily invite Jerome to come play. If I find a proper venue, that is.

B2. »Years Of Denial on Maenad Veyl«
Oliver Ho, label director of Death & Leisure, was spoken of a great deal in both my interview with Maenad Veyl and with Jerome. Ho is their mutual friend that brought them together on a split EP, the magnet that made two opposites attract. According to Maenad Veyl in part A of »Somehow, somewhere they had read this before«, the two acts only knew each other from meeting briefly at a London party. I am shocked and appalled to hear the horrible truth about the matter from Jerome.
        - No, we had never met before. Oliver proposed [the collaboration] and I think we complement each other. We’re kind of different, but it’s a good match. I really like his stuff.
        Jerome has known Oliver Ho for many years (of denial) and the two share a long musical history. This can explain Oliver’s keen eye when it came to matching the artists for the split EP.
        - We used to have a project together, where I played the drums and he played guitar and sang, maybe five or six years ago now, Jerome remembers. I used to organize parties and book him ten years ago, that’s how we met. Then we started collaborating, playing together, and when it was time to put out the first Years Of Denial EP, it felt logical to work with him.
        I did ask Maenad Veyl about the possibility of the split EP ever being performed live, as a split live show, and he thought it »could be cool«. Jerome says he has spoken to some Italian promoters and that there is a slight chance that Years Of Denial and Maenad Veyl will appear at the same party at some point. If I could only dream, I would like to host that impressive lineup in Sweden. If of course I can only find the right venue, a statement that you’ve somehow, somewhere have read before.

March 19 2018