A Poem Surrounding Promiseland's »My Shadow Is Me«

By Ronni Arturo

A tarry mean stage guyot
Shadowed by me
Shrouding all
That might
Or might not be

Reflection of self
Left on a shelf
Forgotten and wanted by none

All what is left
Is treason and theft
But more than the plunder is won

I as a writer
Should be ever brighter than anything I would describe
But what in the world
Of what I have heard
Could be more brilliant than I?

Narcissism aside, the pieces left behind
Reflect what is now to be seen
What is seen has to change
Become foreign or strange
Just a shadow cast in between

You have nothing to say?
Fortune gives, takes away
Leave a memory imprint in time

Seizing the day
‘Til it’s all swept away
Far beyond reason and rhyme

As always
This poem
Is more about Me
More than anything else
A hopeless fanatic
Worthless, ecstatic
The memory always excels

When the present is bleak
Our memories tweak
What can anything be
Remember a peak
So distant and meek
When My Shadow Is Me

17 November 2017