Compact Disc Jockey Live at PSB 28/8

With No Commotion and LULA

Public Announcement:

Profet's Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström will, once again, spin plastic under cover of the moniker Compact Disc Jockey this Tuesday at PSB in Stockholm. The night is led by the artistically dark surf punk band No Commotion, an outfit that will set out on its maiden voyage this glorious evening. Also, the unruly boys of LULA (exceptional Profet Friends, known from the series »Profet På Gotland« ) will grace the stage with another performance of their rattly pop.
        Compact Disc Jockey's functioning will consist of newly bought, heavily used compact discs containing classic genres like shaabi, Turkadelica, remixed Swedish surf rock, breathtaking Boogaloo, amazing afro-jazz, krazy kraut, heavenly house, forbidden fusion, sensational saz, hefty hip-hop and tangible techno, among others.

Safe to say, Tuesday August 28 at PSB can not be missed.

Link to event and further information