Neva Deelay

Stockholm based versatile producer, drummer and DJ Neva Deelay is Profet MGMT's most recent addition. The creativity of Neva Deelay spans many formats and outlets. Having been active in the Stockholm DJ circuit since 1996, and having produced music for film, dance shows and theatre since 2010, her interest lies in creating audiovisual expressions.
        An excellent example of how this interest takes form is »Galax-Ma«, Neva Deelay's 2019 debut album that comes with an animated film, which has been shown at numerous film festivals and events. »Galax-Ma« was released through Neva Deelay's own independent label Abow Production, an enterprise devoted to challenging the patriarchal music industry as well as offering a platform for art that is not cut out to fit right into it.
        Stepping into new projects within the same realms of the creative world, we happily invite Neva Deelay into the Profet family, looking forward to a broadening of the Profet MGMT concept.

Next screening of »Galax-Ma«: Queer Noise Fest #5, December 7

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