Profet MGMT:

New LULA Gigs

This week, you can see Profet MGMT act LULA perform two nights in a row.

First up is a gig at legendary Stockholm punk venue Kafé 44, where LULA will be playing with Malswärm and Norway's Danger!man on Thursday April 11 starting at 19:00. Kafé 44 keep a library of thought provoking litterature and an excellent vegan menu, terrific add-ons to LULA's show.

The day after Kafé 44, the boys travel to Västerås, to play hyped spring festival Vårskriket. Several up-and-coming Stockholm acts will make the same journey (such as Gryningsljud, Mama Sonic and No Commotion) to mix with their peers in Västerås (for example eight man band Pulverstan). For a festival with bookings like these, the prices are insanely low: Be there during one day for 200SEK or two days for 300. Catch LULA's appearence, but make sure not to miss the rest either.

April 10 2019