Excerpts from Profet's Cook Book, Part XXII:

Profet’s Ghastly Goulash - The Vegan Way to an Untimely Classic

Profet´s Chief Ideologue goes through the recipe for »Profet´s Ghastly Goulash«, a vegan version of the classic soup (or is it a stew?). Words, and artwork, by the before mentioned Chief Ideologue.

Ingredients (for a darn big bowl o’Goulash):

4 Red Peppers
2 Yellow Peppers
8 Floury Potatoes
3 Onions
1 (optional) Celery Stick
Fresh Chili
Sambal Oelek
Black Pepper
Olive Oil
Paprika Powder
Oat Crème Fraiche

Method: Grab two of your red peppers and one of your yellow ones, and slice them into long, beautiful pieces, not too thin. Put these in a pan in the oven with a potent amount of salt, pepper and olive oil, and blast away on 150 degrees.
        Meanwhile, chop the rest of the peppers along with your onions and potatoes. The latter should become squares, approximately one centimetre on all sides. If you’d prefer a bit more chunk in your Goulash, make the potato pieces larger. Do as you please. These are just guidelines, don’t let them decide your tastes.
        Fry all veggies in a pot, with salt, black pepper, paprika powder, olive oil, chili and garlic. I choose to slice up a stick of celery as well, but that as well is entirely up to you. Profet’s Cook Book is all about freedom of choice, attempting only to inspire.
        Constantly keep one eye on the peppers in the oven; you want them soft as ice cream in the Mojave, but not burnt.
        If you’d only fry the greens in the pot, the cooking would take hours upon hours, which is why you let them get a nice surface and then add enough water to cover them (perhaps even a tad more than that, depending on whether you want a soup or a stew). Drizzle a spoon or two of Sambal Oelek (the nectar of the Gods) into the water and stir while you start it boiling.
        Take out the oven baked peppers, which should be basically unrecognizable at this point, and toss them into your growing Goulash. Continue the boiling, on low temperature, for a long period of time – long enough for you to be able to go out, have a pint, come back home, have a nap, listen to »The Dark Side of the Moon« backwards and then forwards. The vegetables should of course have some resistance left in them, so if you feel like decreasing this period of time, do so. The point is to allow them to share their individual tastes with each other in order to make the perfect Goulash. Taste for seasoning right in between the two Pink Floyd sessions, and stir on a regular basis. Quickly, you’ll see if what you’re making is turning out to be a the soup version or the stew version of the Goulash (I usually never know before starting which one I’m aiming toward). If it’s a stew, some rice might go nice with it. If it’s a soup, treat yourself to a couple of bread slices.
        Either or, you should definitely serve »Profet’s Ghastly Goulash« with finely chopped parsley and some oat based crème fraiche on top.

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26 Juli 2019