Tropical Emotions

Ronni Arturo's thoughts on Jacuzzi General's »Dreams of The Tropics«

Profet´s Ronni Arturo knows nothing. At all. About life, love, death nor glory. Yet, he is able to fully express his feelings for Jacuzzi General´s new EP »Dreams of The Tropics«, in written format. Isn't that strange?

At first, I couldn’t listen to Jacuzzi General’s EP »Dreams of The Tropics«, released this Friday, the 7th of December, on the General’s own Paradise Palms label. Not that I was physically or mentally unable to actually hear it, nor that I had heard it and couldn’t bear to listen again, I was simply too afraid to put it on. Of course it’s odd to be frightened of something so glossy, so sunny and slick, but these things are in fact the reasons for my fright.
        I was so stricken by the look of the EP – especially the cover image showing a Latin Lover smoking in the burning sun, seated leaning back in a pink pool chair – and everything surrounding the release that I couldn’t bear listening to it and finding that it wouldn’t live up to my expectations.
        You see, I almost rather wanted to stay in this perfect world of not knowing what the General’s music sounded like, much more than hearing it. Imagining it myself felt more exciting, and I could picture myself smoking in that pool chair with layers upon layers within layers of grease in my hair. How perfect isn’t it that Jacuzzi General, the moniker of Edinburgh spider-in-the-web mastermind Aaron Main (f.k.a/a.k.a Chow Main), also releases 50 exclusive embroidered bath towels, with links to the EP featured in the washing instructions? I absolutely adore such innovations, cheesy methods to broaden the perspectives on the consumption of music. Who wouldn’t want to be one of only 50 proud owners of a pop cultural artefact like that? One that also serves as a practical attire for tropical sessions in the sun.

Normally, the word »tropical« in terms of music makes me turn my step and run. I despise Tropical House and all likes of it, basically any kind of music designed for naturally happy people to be happy to. I want music to successfully and delicately portray gloom and doom, sorrow and pain, suffering and endlessly awaited redemption – unless it comes in such a tastefully Italo Disco-esque packaging as »Dreams of The Tropics« does. Then I’m sold, I’m down, I’m in love.
        What the EP actually sounds like, you’ll have to find out for yourselves, you lazy sods. I can’t give you everything, can I? Sometimes, you’ll simply have to think on your own. I’ll rather leave you with the sunny feeling of not knowing everything, a state I’d like to spend much more time in than I previously have.

December 10 2018