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Ronni Arturo interviews Fabio Fabio

In the Italian city of Ivrea, you can purchase prime typewriters and participate in the Battle of the Oranges, but you can also find Ivreatronic and Fabio Fabio, a group making ritualistic music with excerpts from old films. Profet's Ronni Arturo interviews half of Fabio Fabio about cannibal love and cinema d'essai.

Together Marco Foresta and Mattia Ricco make up Fabio Fabio, the Northern Italian duo from Ivrea who just released an EP with the lovely yet eerie title »Amore Cannibale«. When I write Marco a few question, certainly one query comes to mind first of all.
        »How comparable is your musical collaboration to a cannibal love affair?«
        »Our love for sound and for the trip through sound can be defined as cannibal because we brutalize all music that we listen to without a generalized and uniform research but instead with a precise method.« writes Marco. »A creative and murky process where logic becomes absurd, leaving room for unforeseen possibilities which we turn into reality. What we imagine turns into Fabio Fabio, a cannibal monster who loves the unexpected.«
        Except for his written eloquence, I find Marco’s thought pattern quite interesting, how he freely opens up for parallels between entities that are seldomly mentioned in the same sentence. In a way, art is cannibalistic, because it devours parts of yourself or others that otherwise would remain untouched.
        »Do you feel like the album title reflects the sound of the record?« I write Marco, while thinking that I do think it does, since Fabio Fabio’s music is very ritualistic.
        »It reflects our composing idea« he responds »it’s about primitive features that have to do with the magical revenge of the town where we live, Ivrea. It has saunas inside giant typewriters, bouncing-dancing forests, underground housing called ‘Talponia’, esoteric communities scattered all around the mountains around us, the noise of the river’s flow that embraces our territory, I’m not kidding, it’s true! So it’s the conditional love for the place we live in, a mysterious orgy of strange coordinates that we like to call ‘Amore Cannibale’.«

Traditional folk fest in Ivrea, Italy

To understand why there are giant typewriters in Ivrea in the first place, you must know that Fabio Fabio’s home town is best known for an industry manufacturing these machines (as well as for a strange annual tradition where people throw oranges at each other, pictured above). If you wouldn’t have already understood that their corner of the world has affected them deeply, you’d have gotten the message when learning the name of their record label (or collective as they call it), Ivreatronic.
        »Ivreatronic is our religious icon patron of cdj and drinks and it’s the name of the party through which we support the label, we test our compositions which in turn helps to improve our technique and skills, while at the same time driving us to a constant search of the past, present and future sound, so Fabio Fabio doesn’t exist without Ivreatronic.«
        »Would Ivreatronic have been different if it would have formed in another city than Ivrea, except for the obvious notion of its name?«
        »Certainly our story has to do with the place where we live but it has to do especially with a perfect astral alignment within space and time, which brought us together in Ivrea, at the same moment, after various experiences around the world. The need to form a proper artistic factory revealed itself instantaneous and necessary. These aspects in particular, have been highlighted and outlined by Cosmo (famous Italian singer and producer), who lit the first spark, with the drive and enthusiasm from the start, feeding the right energy to all of us.«

»In your collaboration, was the sound ever difficult to crystallize?«
        »No, we have a very natural composing method. I prepare a spiderweb which can be defined as imaginary, where I trap casual emotional moments of field recording, samples from forgotten vinyls on sale inside boxes in record shops, or live registrations of rhythmical or melodic tracks. Mattia makes this mixture tangible with his mathematical attitude, basically we musically complete each other.«
        »What suits you with working collectively compared to working alone?«
        »In my experience there are different working levels, fantasy stimulates common sense and vice versa, a sort of abstract energy becomes concrete with the lucidity or the constructive opinion of a brother, Fabio Fabio and Ivreatronic are projects in which individuality and connectivity walk along side by side… mixing with each other and isolating ourselves in complete absence of precise rules is our mysterious ritual. I’m talking about genesis of situations through the love of leisure or through the love of risk.«

I learn that Fabio Fabio tend to elegantly borrow snippets from old movies, for example percussion from the Italian flick »Mondo Cane« (of course also the name of Mike Patton’s 2010 album of Italian pop covers), and I assume Mattia and Marco are great cineastes. For a bit of inspiration, I ask Marco about some of their favourite films upon which he gives me the following list:

»Juliet Of The Spirits« - Federico Fellini
»Santa Sangre« - Alejandro Jodorowsky
»Chappaqua« - Conrad Rooks
»Mondo Cane« - Jacobetti/Cavara/Prosperi
»Playtime« - Jacques Tati
»Aguirre, der Zorn Gottes« - Werner Herzog
»Gummo« - Harmony Korine

Needless to say, Marco agrees to himself and Mattia being film enthusiasts.
        »Yes, we love cinema d’essai, in all its forms, from Italian neorealism to French surrealism but we are inspired mostly by tribal mockumentaries about the most unusual and extravagant costumes and traditions, rituals, deviated devotions, the relationship with your own body and the dance or real facts crossed with memory facts.Within the music we produce we pay particular attention and take a lot of care of the cinematic, anthropological, blasphemous, peripheral and religious aspects. It’s a habit of ours to listen to tracks' masters while watching the movies that inspired us.«
        With their spectacular thematic and peculiarly primal music, Fabio Fabio is one of this year’s most interesting acts, most likely bound to make Ivrea famous for something else than typewriters and orange fights.

October 12 2018