Fascination with Experimentation

An Interview with Emma De Sèze

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews French producer and DJ Emma De Sèze about the experimentation of sound.

Emma De Sèze, a French producer and DJ, first came to my attention when I was researching rock’n’roll man Curses, for an interview for Profet, since she and him appeared together in a Rinse France program entitled »Together Alone«. With Curses sporting quite a peculiarly dazzling sound, I was intrigued to hear De Sèze’s part of the show, which turned out being an electronically experimental trip followed by Curses’ EBM-esque closing set. I may be a bit spoiled with an excess of information available on any upcoming artist, because this is the way of the world now; in order to »make it«, you have to dash out as many details about yourself as you possibly can, and be ever so visible on any form of social platform. At least this is the common opinion, which I’m not saying is completely true.
        However, information on Emma De Sèze was fairly rare. I did find a few articles and interviews in her native tongue, dating a couple of years back. Utilizing my poor school daze French, I could gather that De Sèze has been making music for about nine years, and that she has a special interest for the shaping of sound.
        Wanting to know more about this enigmatic Emma De Sèze, I chipped over a few quick questions for her to answer.
        »Since your first work in 2009, how would you say you have evolved as an artist?« I begin, a brief but big question to get things started properly.
        »My tastes have evolved, they’ve become more specific but I’m also more open to different genres, so it echoes in my music« Emma De Sèze writes me back. »I also have a different approach in the studio, working more with machines and it really helps me being more intuitive and having fun. I’ve found that what interests me the most in making music is creating each sounds specifically, twisting it and experimenting with weirds sounds. I’ve also evolved with a community meeting people with the same interest, and sharing brings a lot.«

Of course De Sèze’s fascination with experimentation is audible in her music, with each fraction of a tune almost heading different directions in a pearl necklace of sound. This obvious method leads me to my next question:
        »What role does improvisation play in your musicianship?«
        »I have habits and patterns but improvisation is still a big part of the process for me. It’s simply about playing with a sound and to see what you can do with it, it’s not always good or what you wanted but you often discover something that may be interesting in a future track. It’s a technique I’ve integrated during my study in electroacoustic music where I’ve discovered field recording, manipulating sound to an extreme, the spacialization of sound and seeing that you can do a lot with one sound no matter what it is.«
        »Could you please describe one of your live sets, and also how your live performance has changed over the years?« I ask, not really knowing what, if they have, De Sèze’s live sets would have evolved from and into.
        »I’m not making live sets actually, that’s an idea I’ve got on my mind« she answers, thereby piercing through the fact that I haven’t managed to find that much information about her. »But, I’m not ready to take time to do it« she continues. »But I’m DJing, which is something totally different but very interesting also, it’s like telling a story with tracks. I enjoy seeing producers I like DJ, it shows their influences.«
        »What do you enjoy most when you go see live music being played?« I wonder, as a final conclusion of the short, but educative, interview.
        »It may be bizarre but sometimes I’m looking more at the machines than the people who are playing! But I think what I enjoy the most is the fact that the performance is always different from the record, even if it’s wanted or not, but that’s what makes it interesting to me.«
        Knowing more now about Emma De Sèze, her techniques and interests, I am eager to listen more closely to each sound on her tracks, mapping her thoughts and thus maybe even finding out more about her as a person.

December 4 2018