Bring Your Pets Session:

Monday May & Compact Disc Jockey Live at VinoKilo

On Sunday October 6, Compact Disc Jockey and Monday May will perform a compact-disc-only DJ set during second hand fashion merchant VinoKilo's event at Downtown Camper in Stockholm. Find all information necessary about the DJ duo's Bring Your Pets Session, right here.

As the fashion industry is facing the same problem as all the rest of us – the immediate need for change and sustainability – new perspectives are being presented. Some designers and producers believe in the trend of getting rid of physical shops, to lower production and end unnecessary impulsive consumption. Meanwhile, we also see the continous rise of second hand shopping, and awareness about the items being bought.
        In the light of this changing fashion climate, VinoKilo takes care of clothes that others see as trash only good enough for filling landfills with. Somewhat similar to the Swedish restaurant concept Sopköket, who cook and sell food made from what local supermarkets otherwise would have thrown away, VinoKilo tours the world selling clothes that probably would never have seen the light of day again if it wouldn't have been for the world's new found interest in vintage fashion. Interestingly enough, VinoKilo utilizes a business method which is, to my knowledge, something unheard of in Sweden – selling their second hand clothes priced by the kilo.
        When VinoKilo reaches Stockholm, on Sunday October 6 at Downtown Camper, Profet's Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström (under the alias Compact Disc Jockey) and Monday May will play an exclusive DJ set from 10:00 to 16:00, consisting only of CDs from all over the world and from a vast period of time. Second hand compact discs go excellently together with the re-use of clothing, since using them decreases production of new material that people might very well get rid of easily.
        Together, Compact Disc Jockey and Monday May invite you to their Bring Your Pets Session (aptly named, since you're allowed to bring pets to the VinoKilo event), to celebrate the re-use of material that some see as trash, while it sparkles like diamonds in the eyes of others.

To (almost) know what to expect from Compact Disc Jockey and Monday May's Bring Your Pets Session, please enjoy the playlist below.

Monday May & Compact Disc Jockey
Bring Your Pets Session
October 6, 10:00-16:00
Downtown Camper
Brunkebergstorg 9, Stockholm

Link to event

October 2 2019