A Poem Surrounding Promiseland´s »My Shadow Is Me«

Profet´s Ronni Arturo gets inspired by Promiseland´s new single »My Shadow Is Me«, in this short poem. - 17 November 2017

Cultural Cocktail: From Estonia to Australia – €A$H and Promiseland

Profet’s Chief Ideologoue Filip Lindström mixes himself yet another potent Cultural Cocktail, made out of trippy Euro Trap and Australian, New York grown, industrial waste. What is the effect of these two components brought together? - 5 November 2017

Best Left Unsaid: An Interview with Pieces of Juno

Do we experience external values as more beautiful than they really are? Who constructs a social structure and what does it take to tear it down? What is the middle point between massive self-esteem and great self-doubt? Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews Pieces of Juno about these subjects and many more surrounding her new album »Tacenda«. - 24 Oktober 2017

Loud Fascination for Lord Fascinator, part II: An interview with Lord fascinator

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström talks to Lord Fascinator himself about making it, and what »making« and »it« really is. Topics such as Turkish psych, Swedish jazz heroes and ambition for the sake of ambition are also discussed in this transatlantic interview. - 26 September 2017

Jazz Is Dangerous - Elena Wolay and the Jazz Är Farligt Festival

Elena Wolay and her project Jazz Är Farligt are major sources of motivation and inspiration, says Filip Lindström, Chief Ideologue for music magazine Profet. In this collaborative interview from Profet and The Forumist, Elena describes the ambition and impossible mission of her annual experimental music festival at an amusement park in Gothenburg, where legendary acts will come together this year. - August 7 2017

Future of the World - Views on coming days of the human race

What does Turkish psychedelic rock music from the 70’s have to do with South African musician Spoek Mathambo? Both the Turk-Psych and the Joburg innovator are key players in the forthcoming Future of the World, according to Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström. - July 3 2017

Festival Phenomenon Fading?

The stability of a music festival is never certain, at least not when looking at the fluctuant nature of Sweden’s musical festivities during the last years. Profet’s Ronni Arturo compares the Swedish festivals to the ever inspiring, empowering and redefining force of Brooklyn’s AFROPUNK. - July 29 2017

Excuse Me - An analysis of Pardon Moi »Power to The People«

Profets Ronni Arturo asks himself what a statement such as »Power to The People« really does mean today, as he listens to the Pardon Moi single that goes under that name. - 22 Juli 2017

Loud Fascination for Lord Fascinator

Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström takes a close look at the Internet music culture and its disciples, especially the fascinating Lord Fascinator, in this very first English language article produced by music magazine Profet. - 20 Juli 2017