Across The Abyss: An Interview with GrandessoCera

On fresh EP »Phosporescent Line«, Italian duo GrandessoCera explore the friction between low-intrusiveness and sonic curiosity. Filip Lindström interviews sound designer Andrea Cera and saxophonist Damiano Grandesso about the results of psychotropics, escaping the abyss and hiding parts of the music from the listener. Enjoy! - November 27 2021

This Mayo Moment, So Different and So New: An interview with Angel Bat Dawid

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström speaks to multi-talented musician Angel Bat Dawid about her many projects and the educational purpose of her miraculous music. Feel the peace and light of pure creativity, through reading this long interview with one of the present moment´s most exciting performers. Enjoy! - 21 October 2021

Now and Then, Then Again: An interview with Morgen Wurde about »Deutet«, futurism and meditation

Stretching the idea of the factual moment, German producer Morgen Wurde talks to Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström, in this interview about the new EP »Deutet«, released on Jazz-O-Tech. Read all about postmodern ambivalence in updated futurism, about ambient trumpet fusion and meditation music, and about manipulating time, among many other things. Enjoy! - 3 October 2021

Naturally Cultured, Old and Fresh: An Interview with Joakim about »Second Nature«

What is the difference between jazz and Japanese poetry? Can music still be "fresh"? Who is to blame for all the world´s problems? All of these questions, and more, are discussed in this long interview, where Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström talks to French producer Joakim about the brand new album »Second Nature«. Enjoy! - 25 September 2021

Premiere: NITEFISH - »Youth Offgrid«

Today, Profet is hosting the premiere of the new single from electronic music creator NITEFISH, a short and intense paramagnetic punk peculiarity entitled »Youth Offgrid«. To mark the occasion, Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström meets NITEFISH for an interview, discussing the modern shape of punk and the possibility of change in the world. Read, and listen to NITEFISH´s new track for the first time, here on Profet. Enjoy! - July 9 2021

The New Management: An Interview about becoming a manager

After forming the Profet sub-division Profet MGMT, Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström went to Örebro showcase festival Live At Heart, where he conducted extensive interviews in attempt to fully grasp the concept of a management. In these attempts, he met music managers Grace Puluczek, Daniel Kempf and Chris Rogers, as well as the three Madrid acts The Royal Flash, Bamboe and Dan Millson. All of these conversations are documented within this very lenghty Profet piece, for your enjoyment. - November 6 2019

Another Way In: An Interview with Steffi & Virginia

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews duo Steffi and Virginia, discussing misheard lyrics, cultural duality and new ways in. In light of their latest release, »Work A Change«, Steffi and Virginia describe the seems of their collaboration, and the Chief Ideologue analyzes their dynamic thoroughly. - October 9 2019

Bring Your Pets Session: Monday May & Compact Disc Jockey Live at VinoKilo

On Sunday October 6, Compact Disc Jockey and Monday May will perform a compact-disc-only DJ set during second hand fashion merchant VinoKilo´s event at Downtown Camper in Stockholm. Find all information necessary about the DJ duo´s Bring Your Pets Session, right here. - October 2 2019

Profet MGMT: LULA Bringing POP TERROR to Live At Heart

Profet MGMT act LULA performing at showcase festival Live At Heart in Örebro Friday September 6. - September 4 2019

Excerpts from Profet´s Cook Book, Part XXII: Profet’s Ghastly Goulash - The Vegan Way to an Untimely Classic

Profet´s Chief Ideologue goes through the recipe for »Profet´s Ghastly Goulash«, a vegan version of the classic soup (or is it a stew?). Words, and artwork, by the before mentioned Chief Ideologue. - July 26 2019

Just a Matter of Opinion: An Interview with Kristian Heikkilä

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström sits down in a red underground lounge with producer Kristian Heikkilä, discussing the complex culture existing within (and without) the Techno scene - and the extreme power of opinion. - June 7 2019

No Sound Left Alone: An Interview with Bjørn Svin

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews Danish sound artist Bjørn Svin about living in Berlin, and freeing ambitions through reinventing one´s limitations. Lindström finds himself trapped under dangerous feelings, trying to escape throughout the entirety of the article. - May 9 2019

The Stupidity of Man, part II

A sequel to the study in human stupidity, based on an interview with poet Alabaster DePlume. Words and artwork by Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström. - May 1 2019

Profet MGMT: LULA Live at Kafé 44 - Photos by Christopher Carnhage

On April 11th, Profet MGMT act LULA performed with Malswärm and Norway´s Danger!man at Stockholm punk venue Kafé 44. Photographer Christopher Carnhage was there to document the show. - April 22 2019

Profet MGMT: New LULA Gigs

Where and when to catch Profet MGMT act LULA this week. - April 10 2019

Excerpts from Profet’s Cookbook, part XX: Profet’s Vicious Vegan Pizza, A Celebration of Vegan Pizza Day

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström celebrates Vegan Pizza Day, January 29, with two different variations of Profet´s Vicious Vegan Pizza, an ode to simplicity and purity. - January 29 2019

Stranger Than Fiction: An Interview with (and about) Fred und Luna

Fred and Luna are two mannequins, making music. Behind Fred, Luna and their friends Vizudaru Nono and Ariston Baton is Rainer Buchmüller, a highly versatile German artist sometimes also known as Sugar Ray Buckmiller. Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström speaks to Rainer in order to understand the various parts he plays, and of course to comprehend the way they change every single night. - January 23 2019

La Renaissance Nouvelle: An Interview with Anna Lann

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews polymath Anna Lann about her recent ventures in Tel Aviv, and her general outlook on creativity and collaboration. - January 17 2019

Filip Lindström, The Mental Masochist: Thoughts on Pattern Abuse´s »Nordic Ambient«

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström inspects Danish label Pattern Abuse´s new compilation »Nordic Ambient«, and the wonderfully depressing nature of Scandivian culture. In the end, darkness helps out a certain need to hurt oneself. - 15 Januari 2019

The Stupidity of Man: An Epilogue to »The Art of Vulnerability«

As a separate conclusion to »The Art of Vulnerability«, the interview with Alabaster DePlume released a couple of days ago on Profet, Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström revisits thoughts of love and weakness, in an introvert inspection of fear and ignorance. - January 2 2019

The Art of Vulnerability: An Interview with Alabaster DePlume

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström shares a conversation with wordsmith Alabaster DePlume in the sound booth of a tiny theatre in Stockholm, speaking about happiness and vulnerablitity, artistry and self-appreciation. Somewhere, behind the rapid exchange of words, a connection between the two individuals might have been made. - December 30 2018

Life is a Techno Beat: An Interview with Trish van Eynde from Sphynxx Recordings

The universe revolves, in a continous pattern, and we find ourselves freely soaring within it. Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews Sphynxx Recordings boss Trish van Eynde about the wonders of the soul, and the sensations of Techno, in a cyclical interview for Profet. - December 20 2018

Tropical Emotions: Ronni Arturo´s thoughts on Jacuzzi General´s »Dreams of The Tropics«

Profet´s Ronni Arturo knows nothing. At all. About life, love, death nor glory. Yet, he is able to fully express his feelings for Jacuzzi General´s new EP »Dreams of The Tropics«, in written format. Isn´t that strange? - December 10 2018

Fascination with Experimentation: An Interview with Emma De Sèze

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews French producer and DJ Emma De Sèze about the experimentation of sound. - December 4 2018

Profet Video Premiere: Holy Ship - »Tau«

Profet´s Chief Ideologue invites you to a discussion about what the word »psychedelic« actually means, to celebrate the world premiere of Holy Ship´s video for »Tau«. What has the word turned into? Has it left its original state and travelled through different definitions to new ground? Dissect, deflect and deplete, while watching Holy Ship´s brand new video, as first seen here on Profet. - November 28 2018

Profet and Lula in Germany: A Short Vegan Punk Rock Guide to Hamburg and Berlin

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström sums up his travels to Germany with pop group and Profet Friends Lula, always with a Vegan perspective on things. - October 27 2018

…And They Did It Again: Lord Fascinator and Behemoth – Our Favourite Records Right Now

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström writes dearly about the two best new records you can bless your ears with at the moment. - October 16 2018

Excerpts from Profet’s Cookbook, part XIX: Profet’s Ecstatic Eggplant Loin with Profet’s Raving Root Mash and vegan mustard butter

Profet offers a vegan version of an immortal Swedish classic - October 14 2018

A Delicate Series of Misunderstandings: Filip Lindström interviews Jennifer Cardini

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström gets the chance to interview long-time innovator Jennifer Cardini, about her labels Dischi Autunno and Correspondant and her journey through 24 years in the world of electronic music. Along the way, Lindström stumbles over a few misunderstandings. - October 13 2018

Fabio Profet Fabio: Ronni Arturo interviews Fabio Fabio

In the Italian city of Ivrea, you can purchase prime typewriters and participate in the Battle of the Oranges, but you can also find Ivreatronic and Fabio Fabio, a group making ritualistic music with excerpts from old films. Profet´s Ronni Arturo interviews half of Fabio Fabio about cannibal love and cinema d´essai. - October 12 2018

The Fighter: An interview with Matuss about discipline

Discipline and humility are key words in Julia Matuss´ trail to success as a producer and label director for Absence Seizure, an etiquette that just issued two of her newest tracks. Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews the energetic Matuss about how to maintain those qualities in a creative life. - October 11 2018

Hello Space Boy: An Interview with LOR

From the unimaginable imaginability of the vastness of space and all its redshiftingly mysterious corners to the tangibly tangy Techno scene of Belfast, Northern Ireland, producer LOR takes you to a rendezvous on the moon with his new, self-titled debut record. Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström, desperately grounded on the face of the Earth, chats with the spacy musician about the universe and the incredibly outdated power struggle of the music industry. - October 2 2018

A Thousand Years Have Passed: Ronni Arturo interviews Draakh Kimera

Mörk Gryning´s Draakh Kimera offers Ronni Arturo, one of Profet´s two newly turned Black Metal enthusiasts, exclusive information on the future of the band, in this interview about the state of the Black Metal genre, and Mörk Gryning´s place in it.- September 30 2018

Lord Satan in Techno: Thoughts on Blasted´s EP »Anvil‹

Profet´s Ronni Arturo freely interprets »Anvil«, the new EP from Blasted, as a satanic epos, in an article truly devoted to the blasphemous rites and practices of The Fallen Angel himself. - September 17 2018

The Moonbeats - »Coffee Grounds«: Filip Lindström and Ronni Arturo on The Moonbeats new single

Profet Friends The Moonbeats just released new single »Coffee Grounds« a mere 24 hours ago. Now, Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström and notorious Profet writer Ronni Arture has curated a soulful selection of words about the fresh tracks. - September 15 2018

Gold, Silver and Curses

Curses will release his debut LP »Romantic Fiction« at the end of October, and the first single is already out. Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström talks to the American Berlin based producer, performer and DJ about going back his rock´n´roll roots and finding a place in a new city. - September 14 2018

Always on the Edge of Shame: An Interview with Parcels

Balancing between lies and truth, Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström takes on an interview with Australian pop sensation Parcels, to find out what keeps them on the edge of shame. - September 11 2018

The Definition of Berlin: An Interview with Marlon Hoffstadt

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström talks to Berlin producer and party host Marlon Hoffstadt about what defines Berlin, and what defines a moment worth savouring. - September 9 2018

Compact Disc Jockey Live at PSB 28/8, with No Commotion and LULA

Brief, but life-changing, information about Compact Disc Jockey´s upcoming performance at PSB with No Commotion and LULA.

Niels Gordon – »Central European Tyme«: What an interview can do

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström reminisce about an interview with Profet Friend Niels Gordon, when listening to Gordon´s album »Central European Tyme«. - 22 Augusti 2018

Mary Ocher - »My Executioner«: The Importance of a Music Video Today

Profet´s Chief Ideologue watches Mary Ocher´s new music video, and wonders what the format has to say today. Take the chance to watch it yourself, and maybe think likewise. - 20 August 2018

Is Jazz-Techno Really The Future?: Thoughts about Jazz-O-Tech and coming days

Profet´s Ronni Arturo looses himself in endless cosmic ponders as he questions the future when listening to Jazz-O-Tech´s newest release, Flat Maze´s »Dick Dunker«. - August 13 2018

Profet´s Book Club: Thomas Harris - »Hannibal«

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström sits down at Hannibal Lecter´s dining table and takes a good bite out of the ever so dull question of good and evil. - August 6 2018

Outside of the Circle They Exist In: An Interview with Bulkhead

Techno troopers Bulkhead have the pleasure of being interviewed by Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström, in a Profet piece about monumental masterpieces, record breaking snow storms and the unmistakable sound of friendship. - July 16 2018

The Deerleader: An Interview about Seattle and Berlin, with Camea

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström gives in to yet another one of his obsessions, the one with Seattle, while interviewing Berlin based producer Camea. - 22 Juni 2018

We Are All Ghosts: An Interview with Liquido by Filip Lindström

Liquido´s »Nattevandring« makes Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström fear for his life, in an enjoyable way. Liquido tells all about his label Pattern Abuse and his part in the Danish electronic revolution, while Profet gets the honour to present the première of his latest track. - June 16 2018

Going The Distance - A Bi-Lingual Interview with Routine Death

Profet´s Ronni Arturo interviews Routine Death, a rock group split by one of the world´s great oceans, in two of the world´s greatest languages: Swedish and English. The two members, Lisa and Dustin, answer the questions with The Distance always present between them. - 12 Juni 2018

Hakim, Islam Chipsy and the lion´s roar

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström unravels his enigmatic affection for Hakim, an artist that there is no explainable reason to not be a acquainted with. - 6 Juni 2018

A Quieter Love: An Interview with Wendy McNeill

Stardust, barns and accordions, from Canada to France, from Sweden to Spain. Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström confronts his own attachement to his memories and dreams, when meeting Canadian singer and accordionist Wendy McNeill for an interview in Stockholm. - May 16 2018

A Walk Down The Sound Path: Introspective Dreams with Aera

Fascination sure enough takes a part of you, and dreams are more comforting than the waken moment. At a point where the fascination couldn’t be more elevated, Berlin producer Aera walks Profet Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström down The Sound Path in an interview filled with introspectivity and lucid dreaming. - April 21 2018

What Happened to »Availability 4«?: A question posed about Caravan to the suns lost track

On the international Piano Day, the international improvisation duo Caravan to the sun release three new tracks, called »Availability 2,3 &5«. With »Availability 1« already published last year, there is only one question that needs to be answered: What Happened to »Availability 4«?. Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström ponders the question in this improvised article about improvisation. - March 29 2018

Somehow, Somewhere They Had Read This Before, part B: Years Of Denial

Maenad Veyl (A.K.A Avatism) and Years Of Denial have released a split EP on Death and Leisure, so Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström made a split interview with the two acts. In the second part, Jerome from Years Of Denial sets the record straight on how he really met Maenad Veyl. - March 19 2018

Acid Ronni: A View on People, Places & Things - »Acid 03«

Profet´s Ronni Arturo takes a toke off of acid house culture as the genre has re-entered the blood stream of the world with »Acid 03«, the debut single from People Places & Things that is featured in a new Adidas campaign. - March 13 2018

A Tale of Two Cities: An Interview with Eric Maltz

Our environment can directly influence our creativity, and in Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström´s case, the obsession with certain places creates nothing but envy. Here he interviews American producer Eric Maltz about moving from New York to Berlin and finding somewhere to belong on new release »Pathway«. - March 9 2018

War of Art: An interview with Boaz Roberts

San Diego raised musician Boaz Roberts talks to Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström about beating the Resistence, criticism and his newest project Sun Sic. As an exclusive feature, Boaz also puts together a playlist of favorite tracks for Profet. - February 24 2018

A Question of Identity, Posed by NYMA and Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström

Who are you? What is your identity? Where is the point where everything exists? Is there a third gender? How do you pronounce »anonymity«? This, and more, is discussed by Berlin producer NYMA and Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström in an identity-seeking interview. - February 22 2018

You, Me and New Orleans: An interview with Sandunes on the magic of NOLA

Do you know what it means to miss New Orleans? If not, stop reading right this moment. For a non-NOLA-devotee, this piece will be incomprehensible and painfully enviable. Why? Because Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews Mumbai based producer Sandunes about her EP »NOLA Daydream«, and extensively leans back into the intoxicating memories of New Orleans. - February 20 2018

Damned on the way to Dalston: An interview (that almost happened) with C.A.R

Embarrasment, French witches, robbery, propaganda and missed friends. These are all subjects in the interview that almost happened when Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström went to meet C.A.R in Dalston, to talk about her new album »PINNED«. - February 18 2018

Peckham Paradise: An Interview with Sam Astbury from X-Kalay (and an ode to Rye Wax)

Have you ever been smitten by a place by the mere look of it? Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström was hooked on Peckham, the second he stepped in to obscure bar/record store Rye Wax to meet up Sam Astbury, founder and care-taker of lo-fi house label X-Kalay. - February 4 2018

Somehow, Somewhere They Had Read This Before, part I: Maenad Veyl

Maenad Veyl (A.K.A Avatism) and Years Of Denial have released a split EP on Death and Leisure, so Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström made a split interview with the two acts. In the first part of two, Maenad Veyl explains his roots and his productivity. - January 30 2018

There Is No Loneliness, There Is Audiences: Part II of A Night on the Town with Mary Ocher, Karl Jonas Winqvist and Felix Wickman

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström meets up with singer Mary Ocher in Stockholm, together with musician Felix Wickman, label director Karl Jonas Winqvist and fellow Profet writer ECE (Elizeth Casal-Eriksson). This is the second, and final, part of the interview that includes pillow talk, poppies (?), puppies and misunderstood questions. - January 18 2018

The Other Side: An Interview with Italian violinist Vito Gatto

Where does the melancholic nature of a violin´s strings come from? Is there a difference between the musical climate in Italy and the one on »the other side«? Such questions, and more, are discussed in this interview with Vito Gatto, written by Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström. - January 11 2018

In Lack Thereof, Hated and Loathed: An Interview with Louisahhh

The first article of the year on Profet is an interview with American dance music producer Louisahhh, conducted by Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström, surrounding subjects such as quality of life and ignorant Ibiza jocks. - 5 January 2018

There Is No Loneliness, There Is Audiences: Part I of A Night on the Town with Mary Ocher, Karl Jonas Winqvist and Felix Wickman.

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström meets up with singer Mary Ocher in Stockholm, together with musician Felix Wickman, label director Karl Jonas Winqvist and fellow Profet writer ECE (Elizeth Casal-Eriksson). Here follows the first part of the article covering this encounter, including talk of anarchism, veganism and both Mary´s and Felix´s new records. - 20 December 2017

A Poem Surrounding Promiseland´s »My Shadow Is Me«

Profet´s Ronni Arturo gets inspired by Promiseland´s new single »My Shadow Is Me«, in this short poem. - 17 November 2017

Cultural Cocktail: From Estonia to Australia – €A$H and Promiseland

Profet’s Chief Ideologoue Filip Lindström mixes himself yet another potent Cultural Cocktail, made out of trippy Euro Trap and Australian, New York grown, industrial waste. What is the effect of these two components brought together? - 5 November 2017

Best Left Unsaid: An Interview with Pieces of Juno

Do we experience external values as more beautiful than they really are? Who constructs a social structure and what does it take to tear it down? What is the middle point between massive self-esteem and great self-doubt? Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström interviews Pieces of Juno about these subjects and many more surrounding her new album »Tacenda«. - 24 Oktober 2017

Loud Fascination for Lord Fascinator, part II: An interview with Lord fascinator

Profet´s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström talks to Lord Fascinator himself about making it, and what »making« and »it« really is. Topics such as Turkish psych, Swedish jazz heroes and ambition for the sake of ambition are also discussed in this transatlantic interview. - 26 September 2017

Jazz Is Dangerous - Elena Wolay and the Jazz Är Farligt Festival

Elena Wolay and her project Jazz Är Farligt are major sources of motivation and inspiration, says Filip Lindström, Chief Ideologue for music magazine Profet. In this collaborative interview from Profet and The Forumist, Elena describes the ambition and impossible mission of her annual experimental music festival at an amusement park in Gothenburg, where legendary acts will come together this year. - August 7 2017

Future of the World - Views on coming days of the human race

What does Turkish psychedelic rock music from the 70’s have to do with South African musician Spoek Mathambo? Both the Turk-Psych and the Joburg innovator are key players in the forthcoming Future of the World, according to Profet’s Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström. - July 3 2017

Festival Phenomenon Fading?

The stability of a music festival is never certain, at least not when looking at the fluctuant nature of Sweden’s musical festivities during the last years. Profet’s Ronni Arturo compares the Swedish festivals to the ever inspiring, empowering and redefining force of Brooklyn’s AFROPUNK. - July 29 2017

Excuse Me - An analysis of Pardon Moi »Power to The People«

Profets Ronni Arturo asks himself what a statement such as »Power to The People« really does mean today, as he listens to the Pardon Moi single that goes under that name. - 22 Juli 2017

Loud Fascination for Lord Fascinator

Chief Ideologue Filip Lindström takes a close look at the Internet music culture and its disciples, especially the fascinating Lord Fascinator, in this very first English language article produced by music magazine Profet. - 20 Juli 2017